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42                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

tant de bruit ? Les Anabaptistes." " Comment
done/' said he, " des dnes ? Envoyez les done
paitre dans les prairies."

When he sent a kttre de cachet to suppress the
salon, it went by mistake to the Salon des For-
cherons, a wine-house where the rabble assemble
on Sundays.

March 4th. Versailles. Supped at Madame
de Polignac's. The Queen played at billiards all
the evening.

There are various reports concerning the true
cause of the exile of the Duke d'Orleans. Some
say he wanted to raise money himself, therefore
did what he could to discredit the King's loan;
others, that he cheated the Prince of Wales and
that the King of England had complained of it.
When he appeared at Court here on his return
from England, Louis XVI. asked him what he
had been about there. "J'y ai appris  penser,"
he replied, fancying he had said something very
sagacious. "Oui, i panser les chevaux," answered
the King,

Quintin Crauford sat up all night playing
hazard at the Duke of Dorset's; and about nine
the next morning his chere amie, Mrs. Sullivan,
went thither in pursuit of him. She ran upstairs
to drag him from the gaming-table. He obeyed,